Advising investment fund Delta Alternative Management in relation to its financing of BIO-UV Group


At the end of 2021, we advised investment fund Delta in its financing of the listed company BIO-UV through a bond issue in an amount of five million euros, secured by a first-ranking pledge of the financial securities account on the entire share capital of a subsidiary of BIO-UV.


The financing of BIO-UV by Delta, secured by a pledge, was done in coordination with two bank loans from La Banque Postale and Crédit Agricole in an amount of five million euros each. We have worked on many such transactions for Delta. These transactions involved the structuring of complex security packages and bespoke indenture agreements. We have handled all aspects of the transactions’ structures.

When we advise investment funds like Delta, this type of financing benefits not only listed companies, but also very often small and mid-sized companies. Many projects of small and mid-sized companies, which would have been difficult to finance through traditional financing channels (banks, international financial institutions, business angels, etc.), can now be financed directly by investment funds from a variety of sectors, and as a result, increasingly benefit from financing without bank intermediation (“direct lending”).