Our publications

We have published a number of blog articles and in-depth research papers on topics related to our cases, including in the Corporate finance and capital markets law review (RTDF) and the Oxford Business Law Blog.

The publications listed below are exclusively those produced within our firm. Please feel free contact us for a complete list of our publications.

Shareholder Proposals and Boards’ Veto Power

Oxford Business Law Blog, 13 septembre 2022  Sophie Vermeille, Paul Oudin

Suspension of trading, delisting and disclosure obligations

Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Financier (2022) Vol. 2022-3, pp. 3-12. Paul Oudin, Pierre Petitcolas

Receivability of a draft shareholder resolutions and control by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers – a functional approach

Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Financier (2022) Vol. 2022-2, pp. 99-11. Sophie Vermeille, Paul Oudin

Stock repurchases and price manipulation

Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Financier (2022), Vol. 2022-1, pp. 17-30 Paul Oudin, Arthur Adler